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Our Standard Residential Lift is engineered in robust galvanised steel and constructed from marine grade plywood. The lift car is finished ‘paint/décor ready’ and includes LED lighting, emergency light, emergency phone, aluminium handrail and door/floor stops powder-coated to match your home colour scheme.  The Simplex design team are happy to consult and tailor options for your lift car lighting, floor and wall coverings, stainless handrails, lift control panels and switch plates.


We like to make it easy for our clients, and their architects and builders. Simplex Elevators are sized to plan and tailored to suit your requirements. You can choose one-side, walk-through or right-angle entry options. The lift car is designed and manufactured-to-measure once the lift shaft is constructed and doors have been installed. In new builds, lift guide rails are installed prior to roof going on, with lift car manufacture and installation commencing once doors have been fixed, prior to painting. Final décor, wall and floor coverings, fit-off, safety testing and compliance certification complete the process.


All Simplex Elevators are engineered to strict design plans, fully-compliant with NZ Building Code: NZS4334:2012 Platform Lifts & Low Speed Lifts, D2/AS2 and AS/NZS. An engineer's PS1 Design Producer Statement is provided for Council building consent. Post installation, we commission an independent inspection. A site specific Producer’s Statement and PS4 Certificate are issued for Council Code of Compliance.

LIFT WELL: Standard timber-framed or block-walled lift well, minimum 900x900mm to maximum 1200x1200mm* - square or rectangular, lined inter-floor door-side only. The lift car will be 90-100mm narrower than the lift well and 30mm less than the front-to-rear measurement. Builders must install sufficient lift well lighting to meet H&S code requirements.

WINCH SPACE: Space above lift well of 800mm minimum from top of door to underside of the roof, to house the motor and winch.

WINCH SUPPORT: A solid landing of 45mm on top of each sidewall from front to rear with a minimum of three supporting studs each side. Simplex will provide exact requirements for each installation. NB: Other trades may use wall cavities but should not use the lift well or winch support space without consultation.

LIFT PIT: A pit beneath the lift well 300mm - 400mm deep with concrete floor and vertical sides. It does not require plumbing or drainage.

CONTROL BOX: Provision required for SimplexTM lift control enclosure box in the top floor area adjacent to lift well - 360x650x80mm.

POWER & TELEPHONE: A dedicated single phase, 
non-RCD 240v power supply and standard telephone connection to the lift control box (prefer location top of lift well). UPS required for VOIP telephone system. 
A switched light fitting to the top of the lift-well.

LIFT DOORS:  Required for each floor to be supplied by the owner and hung according to Simplex requirements. Doors are usually same as used throughout the house but paneled doors must have a smooth inside face. Glass panels may be used but consult with Simplex prior. Door furniture to the outside only - dummy pull.

* PS1 in progress for up to 1400x1400mm (2017).



In this industry, safety is paramount and we take the health & safety of all our stakeholders seriously - our staff, sub-contractors, clients and building site partners. Simplex Limited's health & safety partner is HazardCo

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